Dolphin Watching in Ibiza

dolphin-watchThe mention of Ibiza to any travelling enthusiast conjures images of partying, nightlife and more partying. This is also true to most people who have never stepped on the Island. Well, there is no denying that this popular tourist destination is alluring for partying lovers but it is time to explore its softer side.

Alternative to the Party Life

Dolphin watching in Ibiza is emerging as an alternative to the myriad onshore activities including the nightlife. If you want to really feel the pulse of this Mediterranean Island, you need to experience a boat trip out in the sea where you will create indelible memories as you interact with ever-friendly dolphins.

Why opt to watch these playful animals while there is a lot of fun to have on the shore and even in the sea? Here are some thoughts:

1.      The idyllic holiday experience: If you are vacationing with family, this is the perfect experience as your kids will also enjoy the playfulness of dolphins as they snuggle close to your boat. You can swim with them and this creates unforgettable memories for the rest of your life.

2.      Make a contribution to conservation: By promoting whale and dolphin watching you will be encouraging the community in Ibiza and other islands to avoid destructive practices such as hunting these animals. These trips give back to these communities to help raise consciousness about the importance of marine life.

3.      More than you bargained for: Sailing out looking for the best locations to spot dolphins gives you a glimpse of more marine life including whales and fantastic hidden jewels such as Formentera?  These islands classify as some of the most magnificent in the world. The sunset viewed from the sea is also scintillating after a long day playing with dolphins.

How do you get to enjoy these amiable animals out in the sea?  Here are some ideas on how to get it right:

1.      Do your research: Before setting off, make sure you have some information on the best areas to spot these beautiful animals.  This will save you lots of time and heartbreak because you will be able to pick a luxury boat and head to where dolphins were spotted last.

2.      Pick an ideal boat crew: Dolphins in Ibiza are only spotted by experts and in order to have this ethereal experience, you must choose a boat with an experienced crew in the area.  They will know whether to sail towards EsVedra, Formentera and other privately owned islands to ensure you find these elusive sea wonders.

3.      Sail like royalty: You should never compromise when it comes to picking a boat. It must have exquisite interiors, luxurious cabins, well-set watching deck and other features that will make the wait for the dolphins worthwhile.

Dolphin watching in Ibiza is a good way to unwind with family, friends or office colleagues. After the wait, you will be rewarded with one of the most historic moments of your life.