Whale Watching: The Real Love at First Sight Experience

whalewatching-western-australia[1]Is it the sheer size of a whale or its water blowing tactics? Maybe the sight of a 50-plus foot animal floating seamlessly in the water is what really awes when you get to see your first whale.

Whatever it is, there is no denying thatwhale watchingis the perfect culmination of your vacation whether in Ibiza, Vancouver, West Cape in South Africa or any other destination. The Pacific Whale Watch Association (PWWA) reckons 13 million folks join watching trips across the globe, which highlights the popularity of this pastime.

Getting the Most from Your Watching Trips

As an avid traveler,you should alwaystry out a new activity every time you travel.  The ordinary water sports, including snorkeling, sailing, surfing, swimming among others are getting old, which is the reason you need to try out the addictive whale watchingexperience.

Here are factors to consider in order to enjoyan unforgettable trip:

1.      Best Locations

To really have a feel of an ideal whale experience, you need to choose an idyllic destination.  Iceland waters are blessed with myriad kinds of whales while Ibiza offers some of the most luxurious watching experiences. Other hot locations include Vancouver Island, Liguria Sea, Hawaii, Maldives, and Isle of Mull in Scotland among others.

2.      The Weather

Your vacation is mostly planned around the weather and while you might be in need to watch these big mammals, you have to consider how ideal the clime is. It is important to choose a trip that offers guarantees on the weather

You want to savorthat serene moment when the genial giants appear and blow water through their blow holes. This is a moment when you don’t want to experience covered in mist or stranded in a rocking sailing boat.

3.      Versatile Trips

Whale Watchingis never a one-hour experience and in fact your guide will caution you that patience is of utmost importance. As such, you need a trip that offers as many hours out in the sea as possible. This increases your interaction with these beautiful animals before heading back to your hotel.  You need a lot of time to capture the best moments on video or in camera.